Only mutually beneficial cooperation

and outstandig business reputaion

Pearl River started its fish and seafood(F&S) trading business back in 2015. Since, that time company developed a well organized chain of suppliers and producers from different parts of the globe. Our main market of distribution considered to be China and CIS countries.

Why we are the freshest for seafood

Pearl River’s customers demand the best quality F&S available. Not only does it has to be fresh, it also has to be the highest quality, sustainable, traceable and sourced from all regions of the world and of course locally. Seriously, we have a lot of seafood! Prepared exactly how you want it: whole, filleted, green, farmed, wild. You get the picture.


We take F&S preparation, handling and storage very seriously, so much so that we ensure we are audited twice a year! We just love the challenge! We have HACCP certification as well as a Primesafe Certificate – these are the highest levels of food handling safety standards we can meet. When buying from US only expect the best quality – that’s our guarantee.

  • PR specializes in import and sale of fish and seafood of foreign origin.
  • PR carries out the import operations from the USA, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Spain, Denmark, Argentina, New Zealand, China, Chile and the Baltic states.
  • PR sells the products to Beijing,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Kyiv,Moscow,Almaty and etc
  • PR delivers the products via local distribution partners
  • PR is always relevance, quality and promptness.
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