Our company is focused on international business. In order to achieve the very best solutions for our customers needs we provide various services with different level of complexity.

We provide consultancy and legal services - including corporate administration and consulting, EU/CIS law & legislation advisory, due diligence procedures, market research, search supply / demand for the products of our customers, investment opportunities and legal analysis for it.

In scope of our agency activity, on behalf of our clients we search for customers and suppliers interested in co-operation and set up normal business interaction with such customers and suppliers in order to sell goods, render services and arrange payment for the sold goods/rendered services by the clients' order. We help our customers do business more efficiently and securely. For this purpose, we do outsourcing of relevant local specialists and professionals - lawyers, auditors, analysts - and provide project management and domestic comprehensive service to our customers.



  • Customer searching
  • Organizing participation in exhibitions
  • Searching manufactures
  • Market Research


  • Manufacturers` audit
  • Quality Control
  • Order Placement
  • Shipment –°ontrol


  • Cargo delivery organization
  • Customs Clearance
  • Storage


  • Supply chain Management
  • negotiations with suppliers and customers


  • Tax advising
  • Accounting services
  • Company formation
We have offices in Hong Kong, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia
Creating a better supply chain for our customers
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